Machine production

In 2018, Landoia acquired an organized company called AM Profil. As a result, it came into possession of the design base that was created over the last 20 years at AM Profil. It was also important to take over the engineering and technical staff with many years of experience. With the takeover of the company, we acquired the technology of designing and building machines for the production of cold-bent profiles. Our machines are manufactured on the basis of repeatedly proven solutions. We offer design and production of fully automated profiling machines.

We offer perforating devices, cutting profiles both stationary and “on the run” without stopping the production lines. We work with leading component suppliers such as Omron, Sew, Festo, Kacperek and many other leading manufacturers. This allows us to be sure that our devices work properly. We provide modernization services for existing machines. We offer spare parts for machines manufactured by AM Profil. We provide service of our machines and the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years from the date of manufacture of the device.

We have a world-wide innovative line for the production of closed profiles with a sheet metal lock.

Thanks to the use of a patented forming lance, it is possible to make closed profiles of galvanized, painted or PVC coated sheet.

Technical data:

  • Thickness of the profiled tape from 0.3-3 mm
  • The width of the profiled belt from 10-800 mm
  • The length of the profiles is limited only by the length of the tape
  • Possibility of individual programming of both the number and length of profiles
  • Cutting accuracy ± 0.5 mm
  • Profiling speed for products up to 20 m / min

Before being handed over to the customer, each device is tested at the company’s premises. The assembly and installation of the devices is performed exclusively by our employees. We provide profile production services on our devices, thanks to which we perfectly understand the needs of customers. Our new solutions are first tested on our own machines. This gives us confidence in their operation at the customer. The production process is supervised by the ERP-class production management system. This allows us to monitor the progress of the works on an ongoing basis. We are the owners of legally protected technical solutions.