Molds for concrete accesories

Landoia is a recognized manufacturer of molds for paving stones and concrete accessories. We make both new molds and regeneration of worn molds. Thanks to our engineering staff, we are able to find the right solution tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We take up challenges in areas that others give up. We regenerate forms that others do not want to undertake. We have the know-how and appropriate technical facilities for the production of all types of molds. The products we offer are 100% made in our factory.

Thanks to the appropriate facilities in the form of 3D measuring machines, we also offer reverse engineering services. On our thermal processing line, we achieve a mold hardness of 64 – 66 HRC. Appropriate technology combined with top-class devices means that we are not afraid to compete with the largest players on the market. Quality standards such as ISO 9001, 1090, 3834, implemented and maintained for many years, guarantee process control at every stage of production. The ERP class management system ensures identification and responsibility for each person involved in the production process for their work. Within a few seconds, we are able to locate at what stage of production a given form is and what is the expected time of execution of a given order. We provide fast and professional warranty and post-warranty service. We treat all complaints as a priority.